All India Education Scholarship Mission


अखिल भारतीय शिक्षा छात्रवृत्ति मिशन 2021 - 2022 !

AIESM– 2021



AIESM is one of the prestigious & trusted scholarship program for Engineering Entrance Examinations. Our Individual Scholarship Examination is conducted to assist the Engineering and Bio-Engineering aspirants to avail an opportunity of admission to its participating institutes with up to four years tuition fee as Scholarship. Students who clear & qualify AIESM scholarship Examination are eligible to get admission in more than hundreds of engineering colleges & universities in India on the basis of AIESM score and through AIES Counselling.

Engineering encompasses a broad range of more specialized fields of engineering, each with a more specific emphasis on variety of areas and its aspirants are endless. Engineering Entrance Examination is one of the toughest examinations with stiff competition for A & A++ grade institutes. Also, the expenses of most of the engineering colleges are so high that discourage the candidate from pursuing engineering. But that does not mean that the candidates stop dreaming big.

We at AIESM believe that each student has a special potential in him or her and it needs to be recognized, if a student dream to become a successful engineer, AIESM gives the candidates an opportunity to share their Engineering dream without any financial barrier. AIES allows the candidates to select the colleges from the list of participating institutes and to select the stream of their choice and help them with the scholarship of up to 4 years of Tuition Fee.

All the qualified candidates who enrol themselves in the AIESM scholarship examination would be provided with assured scholarship of any of the above mentioned.

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