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अखिल भारतीय शिक्षा छात्रवृत्ति मिशन 2021 - 2022 !

AIESM– 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit the application after the deadline?

No, the candidate can't submit the application after the deadline, if the deadline extends, it will be updated in the website.

Can I use one e-mail id and mobile number to fill multiple Application of AIESM?

No, One e-mail id and mobile number can not be used to fill multiple application of AIESM.

How do I apply Online?

Go to the link and then click on the Application Procedure. Read the instructions carefully and apply using the link provided on AIESM - 2021 Website. You can Register from Apply Now link given in the website.

My power / internet connection failed during the application process, what do I do?

Please login to the AIESM - 2021 application Website again and continue the application process.

How do I make the fee payment for AIESM - 2021 examination?

Pay Examination Fee by Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking.

My power / internet connection failed during Online Payment. What do I do?

When you can get back online, first check the status of your payment on the AIESM application website. If the payment was received by AIESM, you can continue the process of printing the application form. If the payment was not received by AIESM, you have to start with the payment step again, to complete payment. If your payment is deducted from your bank account, but not updated in the AIESM website, contact with your bank, the amount will be refunded as per your bank timeline.

After completing the Online Application process and generating a PDF file, will I be able to change my application data?

No, after completing all the steps (up to PDF application form generation) in the Online Application process, you can only download the Application Form and cannot modify the data. Hence, you need to be very careful while entering the data.

I have missed to take a print-out of my Online Application at the end of my application process. How will I get access to it?

You can login using mobile no. and password and take a printout if you want it for your own reference.

I have a problem in uploading my photograph to the AIESM site. What do I do?

Please go through the Application Procedure link for exact specifications for the photograph, file. If you create the file as per the specifications, then you should be able to upload the file easily.

My Debit / Credit Card has been debited (money taken out) more than once. How do I get the money back?

This can happen if your Bank account / Debit / Credit Card was used more than once or you pressed refresh or back / forward button of your internet browser. Any unaccounted or excess money that was received on behalf of AIESM - 2021 from this account will automatically be returned (credited) to the same Bank account. Similarly, any unaccounted or excess money received from Debit / Credit Card account will be credited back to the same account.

My Bank account has been debited (money taken out), but I haven’t received confirmation SMS or mail. What do I do?

This happens because of some failure in internet transactions (including failure of internet connection at your end). As soon as possible, you must initiate a fresh payment process on the AIESM website, and make the payment again. The money that was debited (taken out) from your account in the first attempt will be credited (put back) to your Bank account. You will be charged only once. Any excess / unaccounted debits will be returned to you.

What is a merit scholarship?

Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, thus, students distinguished by academic excellence, participation in extracurricular activities and involvement in community service have the best chance at receiving one of these rewards.

How should I apply AIESM Scholarship?

One can apply for the Scholarship through online modes. To apply online, please visit the link and follow the guidelines as given therein.

What is the selection procedure?

Selection for AIESM Scholarship shall be purely on the basis of performance in AIESM examination and after that academic merit of the candidate.

What are my chances of receiving scholarship?

Scholarships that give you an opportunity to exercise your skills in an area of interest to you - this should increase your chance of winning. Chances of receiving scholarship depends on many factors, still there is something as scholarship for every qualified candidates of AIESM - 2021.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarships?

One should have passed (10 + 2) or equivalent and should appear in AIESM - 2021. Detailed information can be obtained from our webpage

Is it mandatory to register in order to fill in the Scholarship Application Form?

Yes, online registration is mandatory to proceed with the application.

Does the amount I receive in scholarships affect my eligibility for financial aid?

Yes, Often the scholarship provider gives your award to the college you are attending as credit towards your tuition. If this happens, the college adjusts your unmet financial need accordingly.

Can the Form be downloaded and sent by post?

No, The Scholarship Application Form has to be filled online only.

How are the candidates informed?

Candidates are intimated over E – mail and also you can check AIESM website for all updates.

In case of any query, where can the same be addressed?

All India Education Scholarship Mission can be contacted via: email: Tel: +91 7838469970 From 10:00 am to 07:00 pm on weekdays.

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