All India Education Scholarship Mission


अखिल भारतीय शिक्षा छात्रवृत्ति मिशन 2021 - 2022 !

AIESM– 2021


job guarantee

With the sole motive of spreading technical education and encouraging students to pursue education, ALL INDIA EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP MISSION Provides students with 100% job Guarantee. Candidates would be admitted to the AIESM participating colleges, where he/she will get an opportunity for campus placement. Apart from campus placement AIESM gives placement guarantee to the students even if they are unable to get a job through campus placement. With guaranteed placement, the students become confident of getting job after the completion of college life.

In the Era, where job Opportunities are shrinking very fast and most of the engineering graduates remain searching for job opportunities even after their college life for years and on.

AIESM Placement guarantee at the time of counseling gives candidates confidence and motive to pursue engineering with passion and purpose.

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